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Pastel commissions 

 Pastels have been used by artists since the Renaissance and later were a favourite of the impressionist artist Edgar Degas. They consist of almost pure pigment held together by the smallest amount of binders. These pigments are the same as those used in oil paints and water colour. Making Pastels a beautifully rich and traditional medium. 

I use the finest archival quality paper that is acid free and  specifically designed for the use of pastels. Your commission will be double mounted with a backing board and wrapped for presentation. Full framing can be arranged if collecting from the studio but I do not post framed work due to the rick if the glass breaker and damaging the artwork.

please use the below prices as a guide, please feel free to call or email for a quote if you require something not covered in my lists.


  • Head and shoulder study.  34 cm x 25 cm 


Cats and very small dog breeds.

  •  Horse head and shoulder portraits       35cm x 50 cm £550                               50cm x 70 £750  

  •  Full body portraits with a plain background  35cm x 50 cm £65.                                   50 x 70 cm £950

  • Complicated backgrounds and competition scenes POA


  •  Head and shoulder                                    35 cm x 50 cm £550                                   50x 70 £750.

  • Full Body with a plain background.             35 x 50 cm £.                                               50 x 70 cm £

  • complicated backgrounds POA 



  • Small garden birds 35 cm x 25 cm £450

  • chickens and medium birds 35 cm x 50 £550

  • Large Birds example whole cappercalie 50 cm x 70 cm £750.

  • Complicated backgrounds with birds in a scene POA



These sizes are just a guide as the dimensions make change slight to improve the composition it may perhaps need to be more of a square shape. I would of course discuss this with you after the initial sketching and composing stage. 

Too add an extra subject please add 35% to the price, for multiple subjects please contact me for a quote.