Teresa Davis

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Pastel commissions 

34 cm x 25 cm 


Cats and very small dog breeds.

  •  Horse head and shoulder portraits 50cm x 70 £750  35cm x 50 cm £550

  • Full body portraits with a plain background 50 x 70 cm £950 35cm x 50 cm £650

  • Complicated backgrounds and competition scenes POA


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  •  Head and shoulder 35 cm x 50 cm

        £600  50x 70 £750.

  • Full Body with a plain background 



  • Small garden birds 35 cm x 25 cm £450

  • chickens and medium birds 35 cm x 50 £550

  • Large Birds example whole cappercalie 50 cm x 70 cm £750.

  • Complicated backgrounds with birds in a scene POA


Commissioned by Shooting Times Magazine for thier 2008Christmas front cover.

Commissioned by Richard Standing former Huntsman of the Mendip Fox Hounds. His Favorite Hounds

Photo Visits


Teresa always prefers to take her own photos . It's well worth getting Teresa to visit with her camera as not only can she take as many photos as she need but also she can get first hand the photos she needs. Also it allows her to meet her subject, which is invaluable helping Teresa capture there character.


It is a great help if Teresa can visit when doing a large commission which involves several elements e.g a gun dog with gun and game. This is because the angle at which the photos are taken must be kept constant and so must the light also Teresa may need to compose the items  into a pleasing arrangement for the painting. Therfore it is much easier if Teresa takes her own photos. 


When Teresa Visits please make sure dog  / horse etc is clean and suitably pampered ready for thier photo shoot and you have a area outside where the animal can be photographed such as a garden drive or paddock.


If you live within a 50 mile radius of Teresas home near Bridgwater, Somerset then the visit is free. Otherwise  £0.40p per mile is charged after the first 50 miles. If after the photography visit the commission is cancelled then a one off fee of £120 is charged to cover Teresa,s time. There is obviously no charge if the commission goes ahead   


After the visit Teresa will send you a selection of the best photos to choose from which she will also discuss with you. Also you get to keep all of the photos after your commission is complete.



Taking your own photo


Now there are some budding photographers out there so if you would like to take your own photos here are some tip's.


Make sure your camera is set to the highest resolution. Make sure the subject is clean and dry there is no point taking a photo if your dog is wet and covered in mud unless it is relevant to the painting . e.g a scene where the dog is working.


Make sure the animal is alert, a favourite toy or food is always a great way of doing this. Teresa can paint out collars so it is fine if you need ot get a friend to hold the dog still providing the dog looks natural and is not straining trying to get away.


Most importantly make sure you take the photograph  from  the dogs eye level this will mean croching down to take the photo or elevating the dog.


The subject needs to be close up, it must fill the photo frame to provid Teresa with the detail she needs. If it is a full whole body prortait then make sure you photograph them on a hard surface e.g a road or path so that thier feet are clearly visable, Its no good if thier feet are buried in grass. Also a close up of thier head would be helpful preferable in the same pose.


Make sure the sun is behind you but also that your dog is not squinting.


The more photos you send the better, Most of you will have a digital camera so keep pressing that button!


There are some examples of the type of photo reference Teresa needs on this page.

Commission a portait of your gun dogs with your gun and the days bag. Capture a moment in time.