A Life in detail.

I am very lucky to have a job that I love in fact it is more of a way of life than a job, It is as much who I am as what I do. I think all artists minds are never switched off, I think we are constantly observing the world around us looking for inspiration and studying the colours and details in everything that surrounds us . In fact we tend to slip off into a world of our own sometimes. My husband will have entire conversations with me and I will not hear a thing as I am in my head piecing together a new painting or I'm lost in the wonder of the detail of something that has caught my eye, It must be extremly frustating for the people around us I'm lucky to have a very understanding family because that is what makes us artists, the ability to see beauty and notice the tiny details that other people miss.

My style of painting is extremly detailed I love to paint every blade of grass or wisker on a dog. Paintings can take many months to complete and the detail is built up in many layers of colour glazes.

First I do a series of sketches then once I have decided on a composition I transfer the drawing to the board , canvas or paper I will be working on . Then I block in the basic colours and form. This has to dry for sometimes as long as 2 weeks before I can begin building up the layers of detail. Each layer needs beween 4 days to over a week to dry before I apply the next. So you can begin to see why it's such a lengthy process. People often ask me how long did a painting take and although I can give them a fairly accurate time that I spent physically painting it, I never really can put a time on how long I pondered over the composition or even how long it took to come up with the idea in the first place.

Before I can start painting I have to go out and collect the reference photos wether it's photographing a horse for a commission or some dead leaves for a background it's an important part of the process. I spend a lot of time collecting background referance of all kinds becase it's no good if you need photos of heather in bloom in mid January, if you don't already have some stored and vise versa with snow in July!