Published Work

I was very proud to have been asked by Benoit Voilier to supply paintings for his book La Cuisine Du Giber A Plume D'Europe. Benoit who was named best chef in the world by La List in 2015 commissioned 3 paintings for the book and his private art collection and also used 10 other images of my work in the book. there is a 2 page write up about my art in the book also.


La Cuisine du Giber A Plume D'Europe is a stunningly illistrated enciclopedia of all the birds that can be shot in Europe with  sumptus recipys of how to cook them. It was realesed in 2015. Sadly Benoit Violier passed away sortly after its realise.

For more information about the book and to read the full story visit the news feed.



Cover Girl for sporting Rifle magizine 2012 .

Cover Girl for sporting Rifle magizine 2009 .

Shooting Times Magazine Commissioned this painting for it 2008 Christmas fromt cover.

Shooting Gazzett Magizine 2004.

Artical for sporting Rifle magizine 2009 

 Sporting Rifle Magizine way back in 2008.

Artical for sporting Rifle magizine 2012 . I was also on the front cover of this issue see above.